Midway Artist Studios

Boston, Massachusetts

Midway Artist Studios


  • 89 Artist Work-Live Studios
  • Affordable Housing Opportunities Available
  • Income Restrictions Apply


Permanent Affordable Live-Work Studios for Artists

Fundamental to the arts in Boston is a place for artists to live and work. That place is Midway Artist Studios, 89 live-work studios located in Fort Point in Boston, just a short walk from South Station.

Midway provides artists at all stages of their career a place to work and live in Boston. It aspires to support artists on all levels, from providing affordable studios, to encouraging the flow of ideas and skills between disciplines and generations.

Through the proximity of artists practicing diverse disciplines, new collaborations, learning, ideas, and opportunities can be generated. Midway is where performers, filmmakers, musicians, painters, writers, sculptors, photographers, poets, ceramicists, jewelers, illustrators, dancers and many others, can practice.

In 2014, the artists organized to purchase this building, creating a permanent not-for-profit, artist-controlled building, and laying the foundation of a cultural institution for both current artists and generations to come.

Midway Artist Studios, with 89 work-live studios, is unique as both the only remaining artist rental building in Fort Point, and the largest artist building in the greater Boston area.

The purpose of this building is to create a space where artists can do work, and live, affordably.

It is the size of these studios and facilities, unusual and increasingly difficult to find in an urban environment, that enable the creation of works that otherwise might not have been created.

Midway fosters collaborations across disciplines which otherwise might not have occurred. By all living and working under one roof, and being in Fort Point, unique opportunities are conferred to the artists in this building.

Affordable Work-Live Rental Studios regularly become available and come in a variety of sizes and configurations ranging from 900 sq. ft. to 2300 sq. ft., and a variety of rental rates depending on your financial situation.

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