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Who Are We?

We're a leading property management company with 33 years of experience in multi-family, assisted living, and mixed-use properties. Our expertise is in the acquisition, development, and/or management of affordable, conventional and mixed-income housing. Clients choose HallKeen to expertly manage lease-ups, new construction, tax credit conversions, stabilized properties and more. Our corporate office is located just 25 miles south of Boston in Norwood, MA.

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What's Our Story?

In early 1991 three leading Boston area real estate professionals, Mr. John Hall, the late Mr. Robert Kuehn and Mr. Denison Hall formed a joint venture to acquire McNeil Management Inc., a company with over 20 years of experience managing affordable housing. HallKeen built upon the McNeil base in the 1990’s and has now established a strong reputation for effectively managing and responsibly owning affordable housing and mixed-use real estate.

Both the owners of the properties and the regulators who oversee the company's work agree that HallKeen Management has demonstrated an outstanding ability to deliver property management services. These services include, site management, preventive maintenance, rent collection, lease enforcement, compliance, financial management, and marketing services. In addition, we pride ourselves in understanding the physical needs of the properties we manage and provide plans and oversight to improve them.

HallKeen’s acquisition and development focus has covered a broad spectrum of affordable housing in New England, ranging from the fee purchase of Class B market rate properties, to inner City Section 8 properties, and to developing mixed income housing from the ground up. Our particular expertise has been to utilize current financing and tax credit programs to stabilize and revitalize individual properties and neighborhoods. HallKeen emphasizes that our properties are an integral part of a larger community - the neighborhood, town or city. As a result, we seek to play a leadership role in the communities where we work.

HallKeen is staffed by a group of dedicated, experienced, and highly motivated individuals. There are 50+ employees working at the central office in Norwood, and more than 1,000 employees working at the various sites.

HallKeen’s current portfolio includes more than 8,600 apartments spanning throughout New England, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Maryland and 16 Assisted Living communities. While retaining prime focus on affordable housing, HallKeen manages a diverse portfolio of residential housing, mixed-use properties and assisted living communities.