If you run into issues. Your first step should be to turn on the plugin’s debug option. This will display debugging messages to your browser’s console.

    var library = new DocumentLibrary({
        debug: true

Possible debugging messages:

  1. Invalid File Type - This means you are attempting to open a file type that the document viewer plugin does not support.
  2. Invalid File Type. Please set enableTextAndCode option to true – This means you are attempting to open a text or code file, but you have enableTextAndCode = false. You must change this to true to open these types of files.
  3. jPlayer Ready – This means that jPlayer is ready. If you are attempting to open a file format that is supported by jPlayer and you do not see this message in the console, then something is wrong with your jPlayer configuration.
  4. Error loading file ('some/file/name '). Please make sure that the path is correct – This means that the path you supplied to the file is incorrect or that the plugin can’t access the location of the file.
  5. There was an error loading the dependency – This means that the dependency loader was unable to load one of the dependencies. This is most likely due to an incorrect value for options.path. Please see the Important Notes section for more information.